NEW Yoko Ono BOOK!

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I apologise for the (not at all) humble brag, here here is Joe Elliott of Def Leppard holding Madeline Bocaro's new book 'in your mind: the infinite universe of yoko ono' with my portrait of Yoko Ono on the cover! #mindblown.

I did this portrait almost 15 years ago and my housemate suggested I tweet it to Yoko. I did, and to my absolute amazement and joy she replied 'thank you cat. i love it. love yoko' in her trademark lowercase.

Years later, New York author Madeline Bocaro came across the portrait and asked if she could use it on the cover of her magnificent new book.

What an honour and a thrill!

Here is some info on the book, including reviews and where to buy a copy:

‘In Your Mind - The Infinite Universe of Yoko Ono by Madeline Bocaro.
A complete look at Yoko Ono's life, art, films and music in astounding detail.
This book is for anyone who is a fan of John Lennon (or the Beatles) who would like to know more about the extraordinary woman whom he loved.
Includes her eternal partnership with Lennon, their incredible love story and all the work they did together. 558 pages.’

Available at Conceptual Books and Amazon.
Reviews and More info here!

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